This is a list of the gear Sonic uses:

Recording Gear

Bass Gear

Scarlett 2i4 Audio Interface

Sadowsky Bass
5 string electric bass, P/J pickups, Medium gauge Roundwound Sadowsky strings

Rode NT1A
Samson C01
Remic D5400

Warwick Bass
4 string electric bass, Double Jazz pickups, Light gauge Roundwound D’Addario strings

Samick Acoustic Bass
4 string acoustic bass, Piezo pickup, Medium gauge Flatwound
D’Addario Chrome strings

Franz Joseph Double Bass
4 string Double Bass

Fatboy Bass
5 string electric bass, MM style pickups, Medium gauge Flatwound LaBella strings, detuned (wholestep)

Alesis Q25 Midi keyboard

Keith McMillen 12 Step Midi keyboard

Roland PK5A Midi keyboard